The program has brought about a considerable improvement in the abilities of the vast majority of participants over the past years, both in language skills as measured by tests, and in social skills as indicated by self-reporting. Participants generally enter the program with a skill range equivalent to ACTFL intermediate mid-advanced low, and typically leave the program with advanced mid to advanced high, and occasionally as high as superior. Upon completion of the program all students can communicate in Indonesian with ease and read with facility.

Other Benefits

Contributions to Southeast Asian Studies in the U.S.

The program has also put U.S. universities into contact with Indonesian academics who have contributed directly to the teaching of Southeast Asian Studies in the United States. Numerous social scientists and humanists continued their studies or taken up teaching positions in U.S. institutions.

Government Careers for Indonesian Speakers

Another benefit of this program is a continuing supply of Indonesian interpreters for the State Department. Formerly, the State Department was often forced to resort to non-U.S. nationals for Indonesian interpreting services. This is no longer the case because the State Department now uses alumni of this program for Indonesian interpreting services. The program has had and will continue to have considerable impact on the careers of the participants and Indonesian studies in the U.S. Many of the alumni of the program have pursued advanced degrees specializing in Indonesia and have worked in companies or institutions that require good command in the Indonesian language.

Exchange of Ideas During and After COTI

The program’s informal activities contribute to the participants’ understanding of Indonesian people, language, and culture. Each program forms a cohort of Indonesianists, who continue to interact professionally throughout their careers. The program has provided the basis for greater cooperation and exchange of ideas among institutions committed to Southeast Asian Studies and Indonesian Studies in this country and has long been a force for upgrading the quality of Indonesian language instruction.