COTI participating institutions

Participating Institutions

14 universities support the COTI 2018 language training program:

Key Personnel 

jolanda_pandin    Jolanda M. PandinU.S. Project Director

Jolanda M. Pandin is the current COTI President and the 2017-2018 Field Director for COTI. Ms. Pandin is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Asian Studies at Cornell. She has been in charge of the Indonesian language program at Cornell since 2006. She received her BA in English from Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta, Indonesia; her MA in Southeast Asian Studies and M.Sc. in Life Sciences Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has done research in the fields of second language pedagogy and development communication. Ms. Pandin has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Indonesian language and culture in North America and Indonesia. She served as the field director of the Critical Language Scholarship Indonesia program in Malang in 2013 and co-directed the 2016 COTI Program.

Thamora_Fishel   Thamora FishelAdministrative Lead

Dr. Thamora Fishel is the lead on administrative matters. She holds a PhD in anthropology from Cornell and conducted her PhD research in Thailand on a Fulbright. Dr. Fishel served as Outreach Coordinator for SEAP from 2007-2012, then became Associate Director. Her experience managing SEAP’s National Resource Center Grant and helping establish SEAP’s Cornell in Cambodia program provide an excellent foundation for providing administrative support for COTI.

Juliana_Wijaya   Juliana WijayaExternal Evaluator

Dr. Juliana Wijaya is the former COTI President and Field Director of the COTI Program. Dr. Wijaya is a Lecturer in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA and she established the Indonesian language program there in 1999. She received her BA in English from Petra Christian University, Indonesia; her MA in linguistics from the University of Oregon; and her PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCLA. She has done research, presented and published in the fields of second and heritage language pedagogy and acquisition, discourse analysis, and corpus linguistics.

Johanna LIkumahuwa   Johanna M. Alfons-Likumahuwa, Host Country Director



James Nagy   James Nagy, SEAP Administrative Staff

Anna Tedijanto   Anna Tedijanto, COTI Student Assistant

 dian-widi-sasanti.jpg Dian Widi Sasanti, Host Country Academic Manager
Anisia Budi Prabawani Anisia B. Prabawani, Host Country Finance and Administration Coordinator

Former Presidents and Field Directors

(Those who made it possible for so many US scholars to further their study and research by taking COTI training)
John Wolff John U. Wolff (Cornell), Ellen Rafferty Ellen M. Rafferty (UW-Madison),
Kathie Carpenter Kathie Carpenter (UO-Eugene), Dustin Cowell Dustin C. Cowell (UW-Madison),
Marmo Soemarmo Marmo Soemarmo (OU-Athens), Juliana Wijaya Juliana Wijaya (UCLA),
Jim Collins James Collins (UH-Manoa), Richard McGinn Richard McGinn (OU-Athens),
Alan Stevens (Queens College-NYC), Patricia Henry Patricia Henry (NIU-DeKalb),
Uri Tadmor Uri Tadmor (UH-Manoa), Peter Suwarno Peter Suwarno (ASU-Tempe),
Margaretha Sudarsih  Margaretha Sudarsih (UC-Boulder)